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XGLO and LightSystem SC/LC/ST Epoxy Polish Connector

Model: XGLO and LightSystem SC/LC/ST Epoxy Polish Connectors

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The SC duplex connectors have a duplexing clip, which allows each connector to be removed individually. In the event fiber polarity is reversed during termination, there's no need to discard the connector. Simply remove connectors from the clip and switch to correct the mistake, saving valuable installation time and money. The duplexing clip also speeds troubleshooting. In the event there's a fault with a single connection, an individual connector can be removed from the clip and re-terminated without disturbing the adjacent connector. Siemon LC products offer all the benefits of SC and ST connections in a Small Form Factor (SFF), high-density design. LC adapter products are compatible with MAX, CT, FOB and MX-SMTM work area and telecommunications room products, providing a wide variety of installation options. LC connectors take just two minutes to terminate, using the Siemon LightSpeed Termination Kit. The ST connector employs a rugged metal bayonet coupling ring with radial ramps which facilitate engagement to the studs of the mating adapter.
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