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About Sheldon College

Sheldon College is an independent college located in the beautiful Redland Bay area of South East Queensland. The school caters to 15 month-olds and up to students in year 12.

This state-of-the-art school boasts the latest technology infrastructure, business entrepreneurial suites, modern library, resource centers, and more. Sheldon College has integrated industry facilities and training opportunities across the campus as part of their strategic vision and curricular priorities.

One major curriculum-building project has been the construction of a truly collaborative learning precinct. The Learning and Innovation for a New Queensland Precinct (LINQ) is designed to provide opportunities for collaboration among the curricular areas of Business and Enterprise, Computer Aided Design (3D Printing, Robotics, and Engineering) Film & Television, and Online Media Production.


Sheldon College was looking for a way to encourage collaborative thinking and enhance their students’ learning experiences. They wanted to make presenting and sharing content in the classroom easier and more efficient. One of their principle challenges was compatibility due to their Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy for the students.

The devices students bring to school have replaced traditional pen and paper. Ideas are hashed out and classwork is now completed with multimedia.

“We needed a solution for the wireless connectivity of the students’ portable media devices,” said Julian Stirling, Design Manager for Integration Partners Australia, the Brisbane-based pro AV integrator on the project. The students’ devices include iOS and Android Tablets, Windows and Mac notebooks and laptops. With a variety of operating platforms and release versions, the system designers had a complex hurdle to overcome — until VIA entered the picture.


To help further develop their training programs, Integration Partners Australia and Kramer installed VIA Collage. VIA Collage became an integral element of the new LINQ Precinct training facility. The integrator chose the solution after comparing multiple products on the market.

“We tested and evaluated a number of the leading brands of wireless collaboration systems, and the VIA Collage was chosen as the best of its kind currently on offer,” he added.

The integrator and Sheldon College worked together to install the AV system for the new building. The building includes ten collaborative classrooms, a fully equipped TV production studio with satellite editing suites, and a lecture theatre that doubles as a digital 7.1 cinema and performing arts space. Outside the building is a huge video wall that showcases the learning activities happening inside. Several centralized Kramer VIA Collage units are integrated into the design and are available to all students as a shared resource.


“We particularly liked the quality and responsiveness of the live video scaling, the ease of set-up and use across all device platforms, the high build quality, and general affordability,” said Stirling.

This installation marked a shift from the traditional approach of the teacher’s PC projected at the classroom to a more immersive collaborative environment. Students can now participate more interactively, sharing ideas and information with the class straight from their own devices.

This is transforming how students learn and prepare for 21st century working environments.